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Eric and Larry Discuss How Super Tech University Started

March 12, 2024 Eric and Larry Season 6 Episode 271
Blue Collar Nation
Eric and Larry Discuss How Super Tech University Started
Show Notes

Today Eric and Larry sit down and reminisce on the reasons why and how Super Tech University started.

Owning a service business in Southern California for many years, Eric and Larry found themselves in a constant cycle of working overtime, stress, and not having the freedom they dreamed of.  Nearly all the issues they had stemmed from problems such as their team not knowing:

     How to behave in a client's home
     How to communicate with the client
     How to represent the company
     How to build value
     How to sell by educating the client

These are skills not taught in the home or at school.  They decided to change that and spent 5 minutes a day teaching their team these skills. Over time, they saw incredible change in their team, which resulted in more profit and growth for the company.
After selling their service business, Eric and Larry began coaching other business owners who came to them for help, implementing the same training and lessons that they used in their own business. Training the whole team in these skills made all the difference to these businesses as well, and they also started to see the same positive results.

Super Tech University was born!
With clients now all around the country (and the world), Eric and Larry discuss the importance of having these skills and why it is so important to take time to train and connect with your team.

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