Blue Collar Nation

Creating Next Level Field Technicians

December 21, 2023 Eric and Larry Season 5 Episode 265
Blue Collar Nation
Creating Next Level Field Technicians
Show Notes

Returning guests Tom McGuire and Gerrett Stier join Eric and Larry to discuss creating Next Level Field Technicians.

Tom McGuire is the founder, owner, trainer, and teacher of Large Loss Mastery.  Tom is one of the most experienced restorers in the world, with a 36-year career in large loss and disaster recovery.  Gerrett Stier, founder and president of GMS Distribution, is a journeyman electrician, inventor, product designer, and manufacturer with 19+ years of experience in residential and commercial electrical.

Not new to the podcast, these gentlemen are back again, this time discussing the upcoming  Super Course, The Next Level Restoration Tech,  which is going to be held March 4th-7th, 2024, at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Large Loss Mastery – NEXT TECH  is a next-level restoration technician training course focusing on proven tools and methodologies specifically designed to help restoration technicians perform at a higher level by optimizing skills, personal development, and job site performance. 

The course includes a live hands-on resort, fire, and water case study where attendees will perform and compete to win the scenario, including equipment set up with United Rentals.

Tom and Gerrett discuss what you can look forward to by attending this course which includes:  Customer Communications, Project Documentation, Crew Supervision, Production Rate Management, Third Party Communications, Critical Path Management, Work Plan Management, Project Safety, Equipment Set-up – Management, Drying Science, Hands-on Case Study, Jobsite Behavior, AND 5 Steps to Being a Super Tech.

We hope you enjoy our conversation with Tom and Gerrett.

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