Blue Collar Nation

Get Your Numbers Right with Dan Platta

December 14, 2023 Eric and Larry Season 5 Episode 264
Blue Collar Nation
Get Your Numbers Right with Dan Platta
Show Notes

Dan Platta is a legend in the bookkeeping world, owner of Best Damn Bookkeeping, as well as a seasoned podcast host on the Home Service Happy Hour Podcast.  Dan offers a ton of great information that we all need to know about when it comes to our numbers.  He also adds fun into the conversation taking the bite out of looking at our books.  The whole process does not need to be so stressful as Dan explains.  Enjoy the episode, we hope you will learn a few new things about business.

Eric was on the Home Service Happy Hour Podcast.  Listen here not only to learn a few new things but prepare to be entertained as well.

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