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Bookclub Episode: Who Not How

November 22, 2023 Eric and Larry Season 5 Episode 262
Blue Collar Nation
Bookclub Episode: Who Not How
Show Notes

We teamed up with the Floodlight Consultants Chris and Brandon for another great Book Club discussion. This time the book we delve into is: Who Not How by Dan Sullivan and Dr. Benjamin Hardy.   It is a great book teaching us how to shift our mindset and start thinking more out of the box. When we change our perspective on growth and operations, we see different avenues and the infinite potential not only for our business but in all areas of our life.  We hope you enjoy our conversation. 

Brandon and Chris also have the Head, Heart and Boots Podcast.  You will love them there too!

Here's a 5 point summary of the provided text:

Podcast Discussion:
Health and Business Struggles: Early in the conversation, Eric shares his experience of being debilitated due to illness, highlighting the challenges of managing health and business demands. This personal anecdote leads into the broader theme of the book, emphasizing the importance of delegation and team-building in business.

Mindset Shift from 'How' to 'Who': The core concept of the book and the podcast discussion is shifting the mindset from asking "How can I do this?" to "Who can do this for me?". This shift encourages business leaders to focus on delegation, collaboration, and investing in people to achieve their business goals more efficiently.

Value of Investing in People: The speakers discuss the importance of seeing team members as investments rather than costs. They emphasize hiring talented individuals and paying them well, arguing that this approach leads to better business outcomes and a transformation of the business itself.

Real-life Business Examples: Throughout the discussion, various real-life examples are shared to illustrate the principles of the book. These include stories of business owners who have successfully applied the 'Who Not How' philosophy by investing in high-quality team members and focusing on their unique strengths to drive business growth.

What are 3 points of action a business owner can take:

Shift Focus from 'How' to 'Who': Reevaluate your approach to business challenges by shifting the question from "How can I do this?" to "Who can do this for me?". This mindset change encourages delegation and leveraging the strengths of others. Identify tasks that can be delegated and start looking for individuals or teams who can effectively take over these responsibilities, allowing you to focus on areas where you add the most value to your business.

Invest in High-Quality Team Members: Recognize the importance of investing in skilled and talented team members. Rather than minimizing costs by hiring less qualified individuals, focus on attracting and retaining high performers who can significantly contribute to your business's growth and efficiency. This might involve offering competitive salaries, but the return on investment in terms of productivity and business growth can be substantial.

Focus on Health and Balance: Acknowledge the importance of your health and work-life balance as a business owner. The discussion about Eric being debilitated due to illness underscores the risks of burnout and health issues from overworking. Implement strategies to manage your workload effectively, such as setting boundaries, taking regular breaks, and ensuring that you are not shouldering all responsibilities alone. This approach not only benefits your personal well-being but also sets a positive example for your team.

Implementing these action points can help a business owner to effectively grow their business, build a stronger team, and maintain a sustainable work-life balance.

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