Blue Collar Nation

Winning With Workers with KnowHow's Leighton Healey

October 26, 2023 Eric and Larry Season 5 Episode 258
Blue Collar Nation
Winning With Workers with KnowHow's Leighton Healey
Show Notes

Leighton Healey joins us again to talk about his new book Winning with Workers which will change your perspective on your team.  This book is based on so much data in the service industry you don't want to miss out on all the great information that can help you and your company.
There is a large emphasis on training and developing workers and building a workforce that resonates with the newest people entering the industry.   The team at KnowHow has spent the last year interviewing the restoration industry's most ambitious leaders.
Combining their insights with hundreds of hours of proprietary research, they've successfully uncovered the eight principles of winning with today's workers.

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