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Is this Model the Future of the Home Services Industry?

September 21, 2022 Eric and Larry Season 4 Episode 198
Blue Collar Nation
Is this Model the Future of the Home Services Industry?
Show Notes

Homee is different. Homee is a disruptor in the Restoration space. Is what Homee is doing going to spread through all verticals in the home services space? These are the questions we were thinking as we sat down with Brandon, Augie, Jeremy, and Alex of Homee.

It was great to have all the guys on the show as we were able to drill down on each part of the process as each guest plays a different role at Homee and had deep insight to what they are doing in each department.

Although this episode centers around Homee's restoration model, we think the information in today's podcast deserves a serious examination for all aspects within the industry.  Enjoy.

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